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Our manufacturing experts assess your project and choose the ideal machining method for your parts. If you need help with design before machining, our engineering experts will use CAD for precision part design. You can also get post-machining services like polishing, painting, or coating for the machined parts.

General Fabrication

The general fabrication service is offered by our reliable and speedy team of professionals in cutting, forming, bending and generally transforming various materials, including steel, stainless steel and aluminium, into high-quality, accurately fabricated industrial components adhering to Australian Standards.

Structural Fabrication

The structural fabrication service responds to your engineering or construction project needs for accurately crafted load-bearing components, such as columns, beams and trusses, that adhere to strict engineering and safety standards. Our expert team will ensure each component meets the specs and tolerances.

Mig Welding

MIG welding is versatile and speedy. It’s well-suited for the fabrication of large and robust structural components. It provides durable welds efficiently, which makes it a great choice for fabricating parts quickly. Our MIG welding team is skilled in welding a range of materials, such as steel and aluminium.

Tig Welding

The TIG welding service relies on precision, delivering clean, high-quality welds that meet your projects' standards for accuracy and aesthetics. TIG welding is particularly well-suited for working with thin materials and exotic alloys, making it the preferred choice for a wide range of welding applications.

Spot Welding

The spot welding service responds to your projects that need strong, consistent welds. It’s ideal for production in large quantities and sheet metal applications. With precision and speed, it joins thin metal sheets seamlessly, giving the components your project needs sturdy welds and minimal distortion.


Sandblasting gives your components a smooth and even finish and removes any excess material from the surface of the structure. Our abrasive blasting expertise extends to a range of steel structures, where we can smooth rougher surfaces or roughen smooth surfaces when your parts need a textured finish.


The painting service gives a great finish to your precision-engineered components and structures. Using high-quality paints and expert techniques, our team ensures a finish that looks good and gives long-lasting protection against corrosion and environmental factors. Painting offers a durable finish fit for purpose.

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