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Laser Cutting

Powered by high-precision machineries, such as the Amada Laser Cutter FOMII3015NT, the laser cutting service will see you benefit from the highest quality workmanship with the shortest lead times. Matching your sheet metal needs with our versatility, we can seamlessly switch through a range of materials and thicknesses.

Press Work

The backbone of precision engineering, the press work service offers you expertly shaped sheet metal for cabin walls, floors, sliding doors and more. Using advanced press machines like the Amada CNC HS2204 and HD1303, we can handle thicker materials and fold longer jobs with elevated productivity and great accuracy.

CNC Work

The CNC work service responds to the intricate part demands of the lift, port and food manufacturing industries. We deliver high-precision metal components with complex designs and tight tolerances using CNC technologies. You can rely on the quality of our precise parts manufactured with CNC press, laser and lathe machines.

Hardware Supply

A trusted partner for hardware, we offer quality key components to the lift and port industries. We supply cabins, counterweights, hoisting systems, safety systems and speed governors, to name a few. You can count on us for the supply of reliable hardware that ensures the safety and operation of your equipment.

CAD drawings

When you need parts but don’t have suitable drawings, our engineers will create precise CAD designs for your project, ensuring that the components fit each other smoothly. Drafted to Australian Standards, we use software such as AutoCAD, Revit, 3D Studio Max and Microstation to deliver accurate CAD drawings.

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